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St. Mary’s O’Neill’s Club Shop


In 1828 our foundress, Catherine McAuley, opened her doors to the poor of Dublin, dedicating her life to the education of young girls. Following in the footsteps, the Sisters of Mercy have been involved in education in Macroom since 1865. Today, we at St. Mary’s are proud to continue this tradition.

With Catherine as our inspiration, we seek to establish a caring environment which enhances the self-esteem and moral integrity of our pupils. Our aim is to enable each girl to avail of the opportunities, to assume the responsibilities and to value the experiences of life. Beginning with Mercy Day Mass to open the school year and following the Church’s liturgical calendar, we celebrate our Catholic identity.


The School aims to provide a caring and just environment where the professionalism of the staff and individuality of the student is recognised.  The School needs to be a place where the student feels at ease, affirmed, accepted and listened to.  This gives hope to the student and helps her to develop into an adult who is content and happy.

The School provides a grounding in the Catholic faith inspired by Christian values and standards.

The atmosphere of the school instils in the student a love of learning and discovery which leads to academic success, to the best of each students ability.  The Curriculum prepares the student for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

A happy school community which includes staff and pupils achieves fulfilment for all.