● Students will be expected to follow their usual school timetable.

● Work during the class time will vary from subject to subject, depending on what theteacher deems most suitable for the topic being covered. This may include live Zoom classes, pre-recorded Loom classes, assignments on google classroom etc. Not every class will be carried out on Zoom every day in order to give students a break from looking at the screen for extended periods of time.

● However, each subject teacher for each exam subject will do at least one zoom class per week to check in with students.

● During live classes it is expected that students behave appropriately online, as they would in a classroom setting. Microphones should be switched off when the teacher is speaking and turned on to ask/answer questions or engage in the class when invited to do so. Cameras should also be switched on by all students.

● Teachers will schedule online live classes at least 24hours in advance of the class and will always follow the established school timetable.

● Posts on google classroom for each class period will be scheduled to appear for the students at the time they are due to start class. This will help them to schedule their day and follow their ordinary routine as much as possible.

● Students should be mindful of email etiquette & communication tone when communicating with teachers as distinct from online communication with peers. For example, address the relevant party at the beginning of email, maintain a polite tone throughout, and sign off as appropriate.

● Students should be familiar with the “three before me” concept and apply this when engaging in online learning. If a query arises; “Three before me” consists of:
a) Re-read all instructions previously given by the class teacher.
b) Ask another individual in the class.
c) Post the question onto the class ‘Team’ page (if available) to allow other members of the class to respond.
If these steps do not provide adequate clarification, the student should then reach out to the teacher.

● Non academic classes can be used to give students time to take a break. Teachers may post suggestions of activities for students to carry out to get away from screens. E.g. meditation clip, go for a walk, get fresh air.

● Teachers, when working remotely, will on most occasions, try to communicate online during normal working hours and will endeavour not to communicate with students outside of these hours. If teachers are working outside of normal school hours, they will schedule posts / emails to be sent within school hours wherever possible.
However, teachers may have to send material/ assignments outside of regular school opening hours. In this instance there is no expectation on the student to respond or begin work at the time it is received. Likewise, there is never an expectation on the teacher to have to correct or comment on work sent on outside of normal school hours. Whilst it might suit teachers or students to communicate outside of normal working hours, it is essential that everyone agrees that responses or actions outside of normal working hours are not required.

● All members of the school community should turn off notifications outside of their learning/working hours.

● In so far as possible, provision for SEN students will be made when using Remote Learning methodologies.

● Any behaviour or language deemed inappropriate during school applies at all times during online learning. The consequences for such behaviour will be the same as if the student was in school.

● The criteria for mandated Child Protection reporting remains the same as if the child was being taught in school.

● All provisions relating to the child’s data remain the same under GDPR procedures and guidelines.

● As per all matters pertaining to our school’s Code of Behaviour, if a student acts in a fashion that is contrary to our code’s expectations, they will receive sanctions in line with the code.

● It is expected that all students and teachers will engage as best they can with all efforts at online teaching and learning so as not to be behind when normal school resumes.